Thursday, November 17, 2011

Downtown Dallas

Hey Ya'll. On October 29, 2011 Becky and I traveled down highway 75 to downtown Dallas. We started our morning at the Dallas Farmers Market.

There were 4 seperate buildings filled with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. Most were locally grown - in Mexico. The market is open seven days a week all year. One vender missing from the Dallas Farmers Market is The Iowa Coffee Company and their carmel pecan roll coffee. The company from Runnells, Iowa should probably expand their market. 

Following the farmers market, we made our way to Dealey Plaza and the old Texas School Book Depository. Today the school book depository building is known as The Sixth Floor Museum or where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy as his motorcade traveled down Elm Street in downtown Dallas. The museum featured an audio tour of JFK's presidencey and the events of November 22, 1963. Sorry if the picture is too bright from the sun glare off my forehead and a second appology but photographs were not allowed in the museum.

Following the museum tour we went down to Dealey Plaza to get a closer look at what really happened. Normally I am pretty frugal but a street vendor offered me the deal of a lifetime for only $5. The "Dealey Plaza Special Edition" and it even came with a special plastic protective covering. It's a newpaper offereing photos, history and conspiracies of the events.
Photos (above) are of me looking up at the 6th floor window where Lee Harvey Osewald changed history. With the wonders of technology and picture editing, Becky was able to make the picute look as if it was taken back in 1963. The other picture is Becky and myself enjoying the warm weather in late October.

After learning the history of the events, what the "Warren Commission" concluded, and all the conspirarcies it was interesting to walk around Dealey Plaza to see for yourself the possiblities. Above is a picture of the grassy knoll where anaylsis concluded a 95% probablity there was a second shooter.


 There are Xs on Elm Street at the 2 spots (the neck shot and fatal head shot) President Kennedy was shot. I rushed out between traffic so Becky could snap a photo. The only picture that Becky let me take of her with her camera. For some reason she doesn't think I know how to use the camera correctly.

Down on Houston Steet is the JFK Memorial. There is nothing better than learning about history while in the exact spot history was made.
We finished the day wandering around downtown then headed to Mckinney Ave. to stop at a few stores.

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