Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

Sorry this post is a little late but here is a Thanksgiving recap. Most people know the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. A time when families gather for fun and food. When moms burn the turkey and dads nap the afternoon away. This year in Becky's world, it was Packers game day.

This year Becky and I took the wonderful drive to Springdale, Arkansas to visit my parents, sister, niece, and nephews.

As grandpa Mark has aged, the idea of sleeping on an air mattress doesn't appeal to him anymore. That's okay though...this way the grandkids get to go swimming. We went down during half time of the Packers game to watch the kids swim.

The kids have more energy than grandpa Mark. They kept swimming while we watched the second half of the Packers game.

My beautiful Blue Moon turkey. Who would have thought putting two of my favorite things (turkey and beer) together would render such a moist delicious meal.

Carving the turkey

Master chef of the day 

Looking at Black Friday adds and eating dessert. Just writing about it makes me tired.

All the grandkids made their Christmas lists. Times have changed. I need two more jobs in order to get them what they want.

After checking out the ads, some of the family went to downtown Fayetteville. The main square is completely decorated with Christmas lights.

The men by the light up toy soldiers

There was a Christmas light carousel that spun. Pretty sweet!

Mom and her little guy

Have you noticed how Reese got in every picture?

Reese felt left out.

Becky, my mom and I did a little Black Friday shopping at midnight. Most of our time shopping was spent in the checkout line at Target. We all went bowling Friday afternoon.

This is supposed to be a picture of the final score card in which Becky may or may not have knocked down 4 more pins than Lee. No one will ever know...

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