Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pretzel Turtles

My favorite Christmas treat are Pretzel Turtles. They are SO good! I found this recipe in a Rachael Ray magazine a few years ago. Be sure to make these this holiday season...you will love them!

Pretzel Turtles

1 bag of soft caramels
1 bag of pretzels
1 large bar of dark chocolate
2 cups finely chopped almonds

Unwrap the caramel, flatten and stretch it. Wrap the caramel around one end of the pretzel. Make sure the caramel is sealed around the pretzel. 

Melt the dark chocolate bar in a double boiler until smooth. Then you can either dip the caramel end of the pretzel into the chocolate or get chocolate on a spatchula and roll the pretzel in it.

Immediatly following the chocolate, roll the pretzel in the almonds to coat.  

Cover a cookie sheet (or we used a plastic cutting board) in tin foil and place the finished pretzels on it. Then put them into the freezer to set.

 Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

Michaela Noelle

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  1. Oh this looks so so yummy! Love the combo of salty and sweet! Thanks so much for linking up today! :)