Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dallas Zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo while my parents were here earlier this month.

Trouble :)

Lee loves the show Swamp People (I have no idea why) so he was excited to go in the Bayou building.

While we were in there looking around, they brought out a small alligator for anyone to see and touch.
The skin was actually really soft.

I love penguins :)

We bought some lettuce leaves and were able to feed a giraffe. It was really cool to be that close to them and be able to feed them!

Lee's turn!

We watched the elephant show after lunch. The trainer was throwing apples in the elephant's mouth.
The trainer would hold two fingers up and the elephants would raise their trunks up like this. It sounded like a pretty fun job to be able to work with these animals.

The Dallas Zoo was really nice. It's pretty cool when you can pet an alligator and feed a giraffe all in one day!

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