Monday, October 17, 2011

Cowboys Game

No, we are NOT becoming Cowboys fans now that we live in Dallas. I will always be a Packer fan no matter where we live. Back in August, Lee and I went to a Cowboys pre-season game. They played the Denver Broncos and we had really good seats. We toured the sadium last August when we were in Dallas and Lee took our dads and my brother on a tour when we moved here but this was our first game at Cowboy Stadium.

Cowboys and Broncos warming up

The Cowboys players entrance

Lee with the famous TVs. They are pretty crazy to see in real life. On our tour, the guide told us there is a big star on top of the TVs. When the roof is open and the star is lit up, it can be seen 5 miles into space. This way God can watch his team.
Cowboy Sadium doesn't compare to Lambeau Field but we still had fun :)

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